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What is Mindset Conference?

MINDSET Conference is a community for Creatives, i.e., singers, songwriters, composers, publishers, musicians, etc. Mindset will provide the necessary and precise information on how to navigate various industries, more specifically, the music industry. It’s a networking hub and the answer to anyone’s dream to be a part of the Music Industry.

The music industry consists of individuals and organizations that earn money by writing songs and musical compositions, creating and selling recorded music and sheet music, and presenting concerts, as well as the organizations that aid, train, represent, and supply music creators.

The four main areas of the music industry are RECORDED MUSIC, LIVE MUSIC, MUSIC PUBLISHING, ARTISTE MANAGEMENT. There are several job roles within the industry, and it is ever-evolving. The number of record labels is expanding, and more and more artistes are coming forth, coupled with competing streaming platforms.

The mechanics of the Music Industry are as follows: Recording Industry, Digital Music Distribution Industry, Streaming, Live and Touring Industry, Licensing and Sync, Artiste Management, Music Publishing Industry, Radio, Legal, Audience & Fan Attention.

Teamwork is essential for any artiste looking to succeed in the music industry. You need to be able to collaborate and work with other musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, engineers, and other industry professionals. Working well with others will help you create better music and get more opportunities. At the Mindset Conference, we will provide exactly that and much more.

Why Mindset Conference?

MINDSET Conference will play a significant role in determining achievement and success in the Gospel Music Industry. This conference will force you to gain knowledge and understanding of ALL facets of the music industry.

MINDSET Conference is intended to Equip, Encourage, and Empower, but is not limited to Creatives in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, but to anyone interested in successfully navigating the music business.

Equipping: To prepare individuals for an activity or a task, especially by teaching them what they need to know.

Encouraging: Providing individuals with the requisite support to build the confidence needed to survive in the industry.

Empowering: Persons to have power and control over their own lives.

The conference is crafted to prepare individuals for a career in the music industry.
“Without Knowledge, the People Perish.” “Faith Without Works is Dead.”

The Conference will provide a wealth of knowledge to transform your mindset for a lifetime. Let’s put in the work together.

There will be workshops led by experienced professionals active in the music industry who will impart their knowledge on topics such as Recording Industry, Publishing (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, Harry Fox, SoundExchange, PPL, JACAP, JAMMS). Royalties (Performance, Mechanical, Synchronization), Songwriting, Copyright, Radio, (Media base, Nielsen BDS), Digital Music Distribution Industry, Streaming, Licensing, Artiste Management, Touring, Merchandising, Events, Production, Social Media, Monetize Social Media, Marketing & Public Relations, and Legal Affairs.

Being equipped and knowledgeable in these areas are key ingredients to catapult attendees into functioning effectively in the music industry.

Frequently asked questions will be answered at the conference such as:
How to get started in the music industry?
How does the music industry operate?
How to become the best musician ever?
How can I grow my music career?
How do you promote a song before release?

The Mindset Conference will host panel discussions, with spirited praise and worship sessions to uplift the name of our Lord and Savior, whilst concluding with the undiluted Word of God each day.

PRAISE is the acknowledgment of all the wonderful, righteous deeds of God.

WORSHIP is when we give our deepest affection and highest praise to God above everything else and put him first in our hearts.

TRUE Worship of God is when we love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Head over to our ticket page and purchase your tickets now and while you are there get another as a gift for a friend, family member, or coworker.

Mindset Conference will make you grow a strong and positive mind and is essential to developing healthy self-esteem as it affects our daily self-dialogue and reinforces our most intimate beliefs, attitudes and feelings about ourselves. A growth mindset is the belief that you can learn, change, improve and develop your skills and talents with effort and time.

See you at the Mindset Conference, Where Purpose Comes Alive.